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Friday, March 12, 2010

Operating Systems PPT

Operating Systems


Prof. Shie-Yuan Wang

Course description:
Presentation of operating system principle, design, implementation, and evaluation. Discussion of recent research. Overview of research techniques and methodology. With a focus on building Internet-related systems such as Web server, proxy, or dispatcher. In this course, you will:
  1. Learn how to do system research
  2. Learn how to criticize other people's work and be a good reviewer
  3. Learn system principle and concept
  4. Trace and learn UNIX system design and implementation
  5. Have hand-on design and implementation experiences
  1. "Introduction to Operating Systems" or equivalent.
  2. "Computer Network" or equivalent.


Course handout




Lecture note 1

System Design Techniques

Keshav's Book

Lecture note 2

Performance Analysis Techniques

Jain's Book

Lecture note 3

UNIX Kernel and Processes

Lecture note 4

UNIX and Lottery Process Scheduling

Lecture note 5

Thread, Synchronization, and Multiprocessor

Lecture note 6

UNIX I/O System, Device Driver, Interrupt Handling

Lecture note 7

BSD Network System Part I: Socket API

Lecture note 8

BSD Network System Part II: Internal Design

Lecture note 9

Remote Procedure Call

Lecture note 10

Performance Benchmarking Techniques

Lecture note 11

Fast File System

Lecture note 12

Log-Structured File Systems

Lecture note 13

Distributed File Systems

Lecture note 14

Virtual Memory Management and IPC

Lecture note 15

Distributed Shared Memory

Lecture note 16

Distributed Algorithm and Atomic Transactions

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