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Sunday, October 02, 2011



Course Description

This course is intended for freshmen engineering students, to serve both as a general introduction to engineering for all engineering majors, but also as a foundational course for the computer engineering degree program. The course provides bottoms-up coverage of the critical concepts in the operation and design of computing systems, starting with transistors, then logic gates, then complex logic structures, then gated latches and memory. The course removes all of the mystery about the operation of computer systems by methodically and progressively explaining the implementation and behavior of each important layer of abstraction in the hardware of a computer system.
The course will also explore the increasingly pervasive role that computing devices--particularly those embedded in appliance-like systems--play in modern society, as well as the historical importance of computing as a powerful tool and enabler for virtually all engineering and scientific disciplines. Within that context, the course will discuss the ethical, economic, social, and political impacts that computers have had on our society in the past fifty years and will continue to have in the future.
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Lecture Notes:

  • Lecture 00: Welcome and Introduction [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 01: Computers [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 02 Bits & Operations [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 03 Digital Logic Structures [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 04 The Von Neumann Model [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 05 The LC-3 Instruction Set Architecture [ PDF][ PPT ]
  • Lecture 06 Programming [ PDF][PPT ]
  • Lecture 07 Assembly Language and Subroutines [ PDF][PPT ]
  • Lecture 08 Input/Output and Traps [ PDF][PPT ]
  • Lecture 09 Introduction to Computer Architecture [ PDF][PPT ]

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