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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Concepts and Tools for Software Development PDF SLIDES


Concepts and Tools for Software Development

Instructor :Magdalena Balazinska
Textbook : Linux Pocket Guide
Download slides from here

Slides: lecture1.pdf

Slides: lecture2.pdf

Slides: lecture3.pdf

Slides: lecture4.pdf

Slides: lecture5.pdf

Slides: lecture6.pdf

Slides: lecture7.pdf

Slides: lecture8.pdf

Slides: lecture9.pdf

Slides: lecture10.pdf

Slides: lecture11.pdf

Slides: lecture12.pdf

Slides: lecture13.pdf

Slides: lecture14.pdf

Slides: lecture15.pdf

Slides: lecture16.pdf

Slides: lecture17.pdf

Slides: lecture18.pdf

Slides: lecture19.pdf

Slides: lecture20.pdf

Slides: lecture21.pdf

Slides: lecture22.pdf

Slides: lecture23.pdf

Slides: lecture24.pdf

Slides: lecture25.pdf

Slides: lecture26.pdf

Slides: lecture27.pdf


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