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Friday, August 05, 2011

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Course Description
CSE 110 is a 3-credit introduction to Fundamentals of Computer Science. Topics covered include algorithms, problem-solving techniques, computer applications, data structures, and machine principles. Students will gain experience using the Java programming language to solve a variety of numeric and non-numeric problems. This course includes a weekly laboratory.
Prerequisite: Passing the math placement exam at level 3, or any equivalent math course.


Slides and sample code will be posted in the order that we will use them in class. All slides are in PDF format, with 1 slide per page.

Slides: Counting Systems (binary, hexadecimal, two's complement, and floating-point representation)
Sample Code: (demonstrates simple input using Scanner)
Sample Code: (variables and casting/promotion)
Sample Code: (simple if statements)
Sample Code: Conditionals (input with Scanner, plus if and switch statements)
Slides: Boolean Logic
Sample Code: Practice with Loops (3/7/11)
Sample Code: Table — a simple multiplication table (3/7/11)
Sample Code: Table 2 — a two-dimensional version of the multiplication table (3/7/11)
Sample Code: Guess — a simple number-guessing game (3/7/11)
Slides: Operating Systems: Resource Management (disk scheduling, memory management, deadlock)
Slides: Methods in Java (3/23/11)
Sample Code:
Sample Code: (a simple class with instance data and methods)
Slides: Networks (3/28/11)
Sample Code: Sample code from in-class review (4/4/11)
Slides: Compilers and Grammars (4/11/11)
Slides: Arrays in Java (4/13/11)
Slides: Searching and Sorting (4/25/11)
Radix Sort and Abstract Data Types (stacks, queues, trees) (4/27/11)

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