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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Introduction to Data Mining PPT and PDF Lecture Slides

Introduction to Data Mining
Instructor: Tan,Stein batch,Kumar
Download slides from here
1. Introduction (lecture slides: [PPT] [PDF])
2. Data (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
3. Exploring Data (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
4. Classication: Basic Concepts, Decision Trees, and Model Evaluation (lecture slides: [ PPT][PDF])
5. Classication: Alternative Techniques (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
6. Association Analysis: Basic Concepts and Algorithms (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
7. Association Analysis: Advanced Concepts (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
8. Cluster Analysis: Basic Concepts and Algorithms (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
9. Cluster Analysis: Additional Issues and Algorithms (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])
10. Anomaly Detection (lecture slides: [PPT][PDF])

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