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Friday, March 12, 2010

System Programming PPT slides

System Programming


Prof. Shie-Yuan Wang

Course description:
Presentation of the construction of several system software such as assembler, linker, loader, macro processor, and other software. (Note, because the CSIE students will have to take a mandatory compiler course next semester, the construction of compilers will not be presented in this course.) Some concepts related to operating system such as virtual memory will also be covered to make this course a self-contained course. The object file formats (a.out and elf) and the static and dynamic linked shared librarys that are used in the current FreeBSD and Linux will also be studied.


  • System software: An introduction to systems programming, Leland L. Beck, 3rd edition, Addison Wesley 1997. (reserved and available at the 交大全民書局)
  • Linker and loader, John R. Levine, Morgan Kaufmann, 2000

Course handout




Lecture note 1

Introduction to operating systems and system softwares

Lecture note 2

Real Memory Management

Lecture note 3

Virtual Memory Management

Lecture note 4

Simplified Instructional Computer (SIC)/XE Overview

Lecture note 5

A Simple Two Pass Assembler

Lecture note 6

Machine Dependent Assembler Features

Lecture note 7

Machine Independent Assembler Features (Literal, Symbol, Expression)

Lecture note 8

Machine Independent Assembler Features (Program Blocks, Control Sessions and Linking)

Lecture note 9

Assembler Design Options

Lecture note 10

Loader and Linker

Lecture note 11

Macro Processor

Lecture note 12

A Case Study on UNIX a.out File Format

Lecture note 13

A Case Study on UNIX ELF File Format

Lecture note 14

Symbol Management in Linking

Lecture note 15

Statically Linked Shared Libraries

Lecture note 16

Dynamically linked Shared Libraries

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  1. It's just very helpful for the delivery of the lectures on the operating systems.
    Provided if more example thing are available then would be more feasible for students to understand.


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