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Friday, September 30, 2011




Lecture Video Segment Link To Source Code


-- General Orientation Orientation.ppt

Advanced Programming

1a Basics basics.ppt
1b Derived Data Types derived.ppt

Concepts in Object-Oriented Design

2a Introduction intro.ppt
2b UML - Based Notation UMLNotation.pdf


3a Introduction classIntro.ppt
3b Constructors and Destructors constAndDest.ppt
3c Access Specifiers specifiers.ppt
3d Copy Constructors copyConst.ppt
3e Static Members statMembers.ppt
3f Friends friends.ppt
3g Class Data Members and Initializers initial.ppt
3h This and Pointer to Members thisPointer.ppt
3i Member Qualifiers qualifiers.ppt

Stream Input/Output Basics

4a Basics streamBasics.ppt
4b Manipulators manipulators.ppt
4c File IO streamFiles.ppt

Abstract Data Type

5a Fraction Example fractionIE.ppt

Operator Overloading

6a Member Functions memberFunctions.ppt
6b Friend Functions & Special Forms
  • specialForms.ppt
  • formsExample.html
  • Inheritance

    7a Part I inheritanceI.ppt
    7b Part II inheritanceII.ppt

    Virtual Functions

    8a Introduction virtualFunctions.ppt
    8b Polymorphism polymorphism.ppt

    Exception Handling

    9a Introduction excepHandling.ppt


    10a Introduction
  • templates.ppt
  • templateExamples.html
  • Standard Template Library

    11a Introduction stanTempLibrary.ppt

    History of Graphical User Interfaces

    12a Introduction historyOfGUIs.ppt

    Introduction To Visual Programming

    13a Introduction

    QT Designer

    14a demo  

    Boolean Algebra

    15a Introduction booleanAlg.ppt
    15b Standard Forms standardForms.ppt

    Digital Logic

    16a Introduction digitalLogic.ppt

    Analysis of Algorithms

    17a Introduction using Insertion Sort insertionSort.ppt
    17b Growth Rates growthRates.ppt
    17c Big-Oh bigOh.ppt
    17d Big-Omega and Big-Theta bigOhbigTheta.ppt
    17e Statement Analysis statementAnalysis.ppt

    Elementary Data Structures

    18a Array Lists arrayLists.ppt
    18b Linked Lists linkedLists.ppt


    19a Review of Recursion recursion.ppt

    Abstract Data Types

    20a Stacks stacks.ppt
    20b Queues queues.ppt
    20c Polynomials polynomials.ppt
    20d Sparse Matrices sparseMatrices.ppt
    20e Trees trees.ppt

    Elementary Sorting Algorithms

    21a Sorting sorting.ppt


    22a Algorithm algorithm.ppt
    22b Analysis analysis.ppt


    23a Introduction mergeSort.ppt


    24a Ethics ethics.ppt

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