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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Multimedia Systems PPT PDF SLIDES

Amarnath Gupta 

 Amarnath Gupta is a Research Scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) of the University of California San Diego. He leads the Advanced Query Processing Laboratory in the Data and Knowledge Systems group at SDSC. His research interests include scientific data modeling, information integration, multimedia databases and spatiotemporal data management.

Amarnath received his Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from University of Texas, Arlington, and his Ph.D. (Engineering) degree in Computer Science from Jadavpur University, India.


  • Representation of Image, Audio and Video Data
  • Principles of Image, Audio and Video Compression
  • File Systems for Multimedia Information
  • Principles of Audio/Video Networking
  • Multimedia Information Servers
  • Multimedia Database Systems

Slides and/or Notes

  1. Introduction: Multimedia and Multimedia Systems, Engineering Issues [ppt]
  2. Basics of Compression: Unconstrained and constrained-length Huffman encoding, Golomb-Rice encoding, Lossless JPEG [ppt]
  3. Basics of Compression: JPEG-LS standard, LZW encoding and GIF, Network-aware compression [ppt]
  4. Basics of Compression: Lossy Compression, JPEG-standard, JPEG 2000 proposal [ppt]
  5. Video Compression [ppt]
  6. The MPEG standard [ppt]
  7. MPEG-4 standards [ppt]
  8. Multimedia Servers [ppt]
  9. Multimedia Servers: Service Models, Vertical Striping in Fellini [ppt]
  10. Multimedia Servers: Horizontal Striping in Fellini [ppt]
    Answer to Problem 1: T1, T2 have periods 6 and 8 and two subtasks each, and are distributed over 4 disks. Start them at 0 and 1 respectively.
    Answer to Problem 2: T1, T2, T3 have periods 6, 8 and 8 and two subtasks each, and are distributed over 4 disks. Start them at 0, 1 and 3 respectively.
  11. Managing VBR Video traffic: Bandwidth Smoothing Techniques [ppt]

Reading Assignments

  1. A. Eleftheriadis and D. Anastassiou, "Optimal Data Partitioning of MPEG-2 Coded Video", IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, to be published.
  2. M.R. Izquierdo and D.S. Reeves, "A Survey of Statistical Models for Variable-bit-rate Compressed Video", ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, 7, 1999, 199-213.
  3. B. Ozden, A. Biliris, R. Rastogi and A. Silberschatz,"A Disk-based Storage Architecture for Movie on Demand Servers", Information Systems Journal , 6, 1995, 465-482.
  4. S. Ramanathan and P.V. Rangan, "Adaptive Feedback Techniques for Synchronized Multimedia Retrieval over Integrated Networks", IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, 1, 1993, 243-260.
  5. N. Shivakumar, C, Sreenan, B. Narendran and P. Agarawal, "The Concord Algorithm for Synchronization of Multimedia Streams", Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Multimedia Systems , Washington, 1995.
  6. J.C. Pasquale, G.C. Polyzos and G. Xylomenos, "The Multimedia Multicasting Problem", ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, 6, 1998, 43-59.
  7. H.M. Vin, P. Goyal, A. Goyal and A. Goyal, "A Statistical Admission Control Algorithm for Multimedia Servers", Proc. ACM Multimedia Conference San Francisco, 1994, 33-40.
  8. P. Shenoy and H.M. Vin, "Efficient Support for Interactive Operations in Multiresolution Video Servers", ACM Multimedia Systems Journal , 7, 1999, 241-253.
  9. P. Bocheck, A. Campbell, S.F. Chang and R. Liao, "Content-aware Network Adaptation for MPEG-4", Proc. NOSSDAV 99 New Jersey, 1999.
  10. F. Nack and A.T. Lindsay, "Everything you wanted to know about MPEG-7" (distributed in class), IEEE Multimedia Magazine, 6, Nos.3,4, 1999.

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