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Sunday, October 02, 2011



Instructor: Ross Baldick

Course description:
This course is an introduction to power systems engineering.  Topics include (with chapters of the text in parenthesis):
  • complex power, phasors, balanced three phase (2),
  • transformers and per-unit system (3),
  • transmission line parameters (4),
  • steady state operation of transmission lines (5)
  • the power flow  problem (6),
  • symmetrical faults (7),
  • power system controls (11),
  • economic operation of power systems (11),
  • optimal power flow (11)
  • deregulation and restructuring.


Electrical Engineering 438 (or 338) or 331 or 331K with a grade of at least C.     


I expect that you will spend five to seven hours on average per week  outside of class on this course to read the textbook, review the class material, and work on homeworks.
I expect you to have read over the material in the textbook  ahead of class so that class time is used efficiently to explain concepts.
Please come to office hours with prepared questions.
I may have to cancel one or two classes during the semester in order to attend conferences.  We will schedule make-up classes for these cancelled classes since the semester will be extremely full of material to cover.
I do not take attendance and you are free to attend or not attend class as you choose.  However, if you come to class, please be prompt.  Please be seated in class by the time the start-of-class bell rings.  If a homework is due, please put it on the desk in the classroom prior to the star-of-class bell.


  • Duncan Glover, Mulukutla Sarma, and Thomas Overbye, Power System Analysis and Design, Thomson, Fourth Edition or later.

Additional course resources:

I will be using slides developed by Thomas Overbye with some additions:
You may also find the following books helpful as an additional resources:
  • Arthur Bergen and Vijay Vital, Power Systems Analysis, Prentice-Hall, 2000.
  • William D. Stevenson, Elements of Power System Analysis.


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