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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing 

Textbook required for puchase or reference (on library reserve, Barker P98.J87 2009):
Jurafsky, D. and Martin, J.H., Speech and Language Processing
2nd edition, Prentice-Hall: 2008.   

Download slides here
Slides & Reference Readings
Introduction: walking the walk, talking the talk
Lecture 1 pdf slides; pdf 4-up; Jurafsky & Martin (JM), ch. 1.
If you don't know Python, read the NLTK book, ch. 1-3; otherwise, skim NLTK book, chs 2–3.
Background Reading (for RR 1): Jurafsky & Martin ch.4 on ngrams. (pp. 83-94; p. 114-116)
Background Reading (for RR 1): Abney on statistics and language.
Background Reading (for RR 1): Chomsky, Extract on grammaticality, 1955.
(Optional) Background chapters on NLP from Russell & Norvig, ch. 22.
RR1 discussion; Bayes' rule and smoothing; from words to parsing
Intro to Competitive Grammar Writing
Parts of speech, parsers, and statistical parsing; Parsing & competitive grammar writing I
Bring notebook computer to class (at least 1 per team)
Competitive Grammar Writing slides, pdf; pdf, 2up
• JM, ch. 13 (parsing), pp. 427-435; ch. 14, pp. 459-467
• (Optional) NLTK book on advanced parsing (skim)

Parsing & competitive grammar writing II

Bring notebook computer to class (at least 1 per team)

Parsing & competitive grammar writing III

Bring notebook computer to class (at least 1 per team)

Competitive Grammar Evaluation & Wrap-up, Grammy Awards

Smoothing & language models
Lecture 3 pdf slides; pdf 4-up
• JM ch. 3

Smoothing; word parsing

Word parsing II
Context Free parsing I
Context-free parsing II
RR #2
• No slides today
Earley's algorithm
Lecture 8 pdf slides; pdf 4-up; animation of Earley algorithm here; 4upbw Earley here.
Modern statistical parsers I
Treebank parsers II
Semantics I: the lambda calculus view
Semantics II: SQL

Semantics III: Quantifiers

Semantics IV: learning words

Lexical Semantics

Language Learning

Language Learning & Language Change

Evolution of language

Evolution of language

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