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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Data structures and Algorithms PPT SLIDES

Data structures and Algorithms
Instructor: Rada Mihalcea
Textbook: Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ M.A.Weiss

Download slides from here

Lecture Reading material
Introduction. Course Overview. [ppt]-
Algorithm Analysis I. [ppt]Weiss, chap.2
Algorithm Analysis II / ADT [ppt]Weiss, chap.2
Algorithm Analysis II [ppt]Weiss, chap.2
Arrays [ppt]Weiss, chap.3
Lists [ppt].Weiss, chap.3
More Lists [ppt].Weiss, chap.3
Stacks [ppt]Weiss, chap.3
Queues [ppt]Weiss, chap.3
Stack Applications [ppt]-
Trees [ppt]Weiss, chap.4 (4.1)
Trees [ppt]Weiss, chap.4
Binary search trees [ppt]Weiss, chap.4
Search Trees [ppt].Weiss, chap.4
Search Trees [ppt].Weiss, chap.4
Priority Queues. Heaps. [ppt].Weiss, chap.6
Applications using Trees. [ppt]Weiss, sec.10.1.2
Dictionaries. Skip Lists. [ppt]Weiss, chap.5, sec.10.4
Hashing [ppt]Weiss, chap.5, sec.10.4
Sorting (I) [ppt].Weiss, chap.7
Sorting (II) [ppt]Weiss, chap.7
Graphs (I) [ppt].Weiss, chap.9


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