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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Robot vision and Preception PPT SLIDES

Robot vision and Preception
Instructor: Marke A. Perkowski
Textbook: Active  Preception and Robot vision
Download Slides from here

  1.   Introduction to Morphological Operators. In PPT format.

  2. Mathematics of Binary Morphology. ppt

  3. _A. Binary Morphology and Use in Robotic Path Planning. ppt

  4. A. Big Example of morpology and measurements on image. ppt

  5.   Introduction to edge detection feature extraction. ppt

  6.   Labeling and sequential algorithms. Robot Soccer. ppt

  7. Quad Trees and Octtrees. ppt

  8.   Partitioning and Thresholding. ppt

  9. . Shape Representation1. ppt

  10.   Image Processing for Melanoma Cancer. ppt

  11.   Histogramming socccer vision. ppt

  12. Matlab Image Processing. ppt

  13. Introduction to color image processing. ppt

  14. Matlab Image Examples with color processing. ppt

  15.   Matlab hit and miss binary. ppt

  16.   Edge Detection Algorithm by Canny. pptx

  17.   Edge Detection with Sobel Algorithm. ppt

  18.   Edge Enhancement. ppt

  19.   Convolution low pass filtering. ppt

  20.   B. Introduction to Fourier Transform, 1D continuous. pptx

  21. C. Sampling and frequencies. ppt

  22.   A. Continuous Fourier Transform Notations and theorems. pptx

  23. . B. Sampling Fourier Transform. ppt

  24. B. Shift Invariant Linear Systems. ppt

  25.   A. Orthogonal, Separable and Fourier Mathematics. ppt

  26. 2D spectral transforms. Examples. ppt

  27.   Combination of Classifiers for Indoor Room Recognition. pptx

  28.   Introduction to Generalized Hough Transform.ppt

  29.   Generalized Hough Transform. 1. ppt

  30.   A. Generalized Hough Transform 2. ppt

  31.   Radon Transform. Easy principles. ppt

  32.   Medical Imaging - acquisition and Radon Transform. ppt

  33.   Biometry and terrorists. pdf

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