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Monday, September 10, 2012

Stochastic Network Optimization with Application PDF LECTURE SLIDES

Stochastic Network Optimization with Application

Instructor:Michael J. Nelly
Textbook: Stochastic Network Optimization with Application to Communication and Queueing Systems. Morgan & Claypool,
Download Slides from here

  1. Optimization for Renewal Systems (and slides, and link to book.)

  2. Energy Optimization and Virtual Queues (see also tutorial on Stochastic Network Optimization, tutorial PowerPoint slides, and link to book.)

  3. Fairness and Flow Control

  4. Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs for Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks

  5. Diversity Backpressure Routing (DIVBAR) [Brief Description with Figure, see also Delay Improvements via Place-Holders]

  6. Optimal Energy/Delay Tradeoffs (see also Optimal Utility/Delay Tradeoffs and Intelligent Packet Dropping.)

  7. Maximal Scheduling and Bursty Traffic

  8. Exact Queueing Analysis for Tree Networks

  9. Wireless Transmission with Deadlines

  10. Delay-Gap for Queue-Aware vs. Queue-Unaware Packet Scheduling (see also for Opportunistic Wireless Scheduling)

  11. Delay Analysis of Longest Connected Queue (LCQ)

  12. Stock Market Trading Via Stochastic Network Optimization (and slides)

  13. Inventory Control (and slides)

  14. Renewable Energy Allocation for a Smart Grid (and slides), (see also optimal scheduling with energy storage devices)

  15. Reliable Scheduling in Cognitive Radio (from Rahul Urgaonkar's thesis)

  16. LIFO Backpressure (from Longbo Huang's thesis) (see also Delay Reduction via Lagrange Multipliers and Moeller et. al. LIFO Experiments)

  17. Channel-Blind Scheduling in Time-Correlated Channels

  18. also Utility Maximization and slides)

  19. Delay Optimal Priority Scheduling

  20. Wireless Peer-to-Peer Networks

  21. Energy Harvesting Networks (from Longbo Huang's thesis)

  22. Dynamic Index Coding (and slides)

  23. Low Power Dynamic Scheduling and Asychronous Multi-Server Scheduling

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