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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Introduction to Evlutionary Robotics PPT and SLIDES

Introduction to Evlutionary Robotics
Instructor: Marek A.Perkowski
Textbook: Evlutionary Robotics
Download Slides from here

Introduction to class. Mapping architectures. Finite State Machines. Probabilistic State Machines for robot dialogs. Implementation of natural language interface.
Introduction to Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming for robotic applications
Advanced Evolutionary. ppt

  1. Version of slides with more information on constructive induction for learning and dialogs.

  2. One more version with more details for projects.

  3. Embedded Systems.

  4. Types of robots

  5. Actuators.

more slides on evolutionary algorithms

  1. Emergent approach.

  2. Fundamentals of evolutionary methods. 

  3. Genetic Programming, Evolutionary Strategies, Evolutionary Design. Fogel, state machines.

  4. Genetic Programming.

  5. Extrinsic Evolvable Hardware.

  6. Intrinsic Evolvable Hardware.

  7. Evolutionary Methods in Design. Art. Lego bridges of Pollack.

  8. Levi. HereBoy Algorithm. Multi-Mutation. Relation to Simulated Annealing

  9. Vasiliev and Miller. Array Genetic Algorithm for Multiplier Design.

  10. Approach to evolvable learning and self-repair based on embriology ideas. Switzerland

  11. Evolving game strategies

Robot examples

  1. Robot Examples. My requirement is: the robot should have 2 hands, head and torso and should be a mobile robot.

  2. X000. Tetrix_Short_Promo.wmv

  3. X001. Intro - Lego NXT, Tetrix, ROBOTC and Motors.ppt

  4. X002. Simple programming in ROBOTC.ppt

  5. X003. Tetrix Mechanical Design.pptx

  6. X003A. Tetrix Robot Mechanical Examples.pptx

  7. X004. Robot C complete example - robot_head_1.pdf

  8. X004A. Smarter BV.ppt

  9. X005. Lego NXT complete example with NXC.pptx

  10. X006. Projects with simple mobile robots.ppt

  11. X007. Simple Sensors in ROBOTC.ppt

  12. X008. IR sensors and Encoders. LCDs.ppt

  13. X009. Accelerometers and Gyros.ppt

  14. X011. Behavior based robots and architectures.ppt

  15. X012. Affective-Computing.ppt

  16. X013. More advanced Projects.ppt

  17. X016. NQC Programming.ppt

  18. X017. NXC Programming.ppt

  19. Example of software in RobotC.

  20. Flagbot project 

  21. How to Design a Robot.ppt

  22. Class with robot project. A robot connected to quantum computer.

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